Puffin Pendant Necklace

Puffin Pendant Necklace

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  • This stunning pendant is made from resin with a puffin which is double sided so shows up on both sides of the pendant. The metal components of the pendant are rhodium plated.

  • People with Puffin totem have a strong sense of community spirit. Like the Springbok, people with this spirit animal’s energy tend to flock together and create a very tight-knit group. They are in touch with their spirituality and are very empathetic. Puffin totem people are neither the leaders nor the followers. Instead, they are the helpers, guiding the people that are falling a little behind. Folks with the Puffin totem tend to be outgoing, but their internal clocks cycle to winter, which means that they become introspective during that time. People with this totem are good at working in groups. They have excellent communication skills, though they can sometimes have trouble being assertive. Those with this spirit animal totem have a hard time accepting their losses and can be stubborn.

  • People with the Puffin totem don’t often need time to pause and think. They speak their mind when they strongly believe in something.

  • The pendant itself measures approximately 2.5cm height x 2cm width.

  • Each pendant comes with an 18" rhodium plated chain, and comes beautifully presented in a velvet gift bag.