Solid 925 Sterling Silver Viking Rune Celtic Tree of Life Pendant Necklace
Solid 925 Sterling Silver Viking Rune Celtic Tree of Life Pendant Necklace

Solid 925 Sterling Silver Viking Rune Celtic Tree of Life Pendant Necklace

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  • This stunning, high quality pendant is made from solid 925 sterling silver and made into the shape of a circle with the tree of life in its centre and the rune alphabet surrounding it with 4 viking symbols.

  • The Tree of Life held significant meaning to the Vikings, who saw it as a representation of the cycle of life and death, renewal, and growth. The Vikings believed the tree's deep roots represented the underworld, where the dead were thought to go after passing on from this world.

  • The four viking symbols featured on this pendant are:
  • The Valknut, also known as Hrungnir’s heart, heart of the slain, Heart of Vala, and borromean triangles is a mysterious Norse symbol. its true meaning is still debated, but it is often associated with a warrior’s death in a battle.
  • The Triple Horn of Odin is a symbol of the great Norse God Odin. The symbol consists of three interlocked drinking horns, and is commonly worn or displayed as a sign of commitment to the modern Asatru faith. The horns figure in the mythological stories of Odin and are recalled in traditional Norse toasting rituals. In Norse mythology there are some tales describing God’s quest for the Odhroerir, a magical mead brewed from the blood of the wise god Kvasir.
  • Aegishjalmr, also known as the Helm of Awe or Helm of Terror, is a powerful Norse symbol often depicted as an eight-armed radial design. It was believed to possess protective qualities, instilling fear and confusion in one's enemies and granting the wearer inner strength and courage. Warriors would inscribe or carry this symbol to shield themselves from harm and enhance their bravery in battle, making it a symbol of both protection and valor in Norse mythology and Viking culture.
  • The Triquetra which symbolises eternal spiritual life with no beginning nor end.

  • Perfect as a special gift for someone you care about or to wear yourself as a means of expressing your individuality and identity.

  • Options:

    Sterling Silver Chain option measures 45.7cm/18", shipped complete in a quality jewellery presentation box.
    Adjustable silk rope option (fully adjustable), shipped complete in a velvet gift bag.

  • The Pendant measures approximately 2.9cm/1.14" in diameter.