Angels of Light Cards Pocket Edition - Spiritual Guide

Angels of Light Cards Pocket Edition - Spiritual Guide

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On the Back of the Box:

Angels, celestial beings from the heart of God, stand ready as guides, protectors, helpers, and healers throughout our life's journey. A simple call on our part is all it takes to invite these benevolent beings into our lives. Let these Angel of Light Pocket Edition cards be the bridge that brings the radiant presence of angels closer to you.

Inside the Box:

Discover a world of celestial wisdom within this box, housing 52 cards crafted to connect you with the angelic realm. An additional instruction card accompanies the deck to guide you through a respectful and enlightening experience.

Instruction Card 1:
Approach the use of Angels of Light Cards with reverence. Although angels embrace a sense of humor, acknowledging their pure spiritual essence is essential. Hold the cards with quiet reverence and bless them before posing your questions. Begin with a prayer or invocation, elevating the cards' vibration to facilitate a profound connection with your angels.

Understanding Your Guidance:
The answers lie within the cards, chosen at the angels' prompting. If the meaning eludes you initially, take a moment to meditate and reflect. Delve deeper, and you'll uncover the personalized meaning meant for you alone.

Thanking the Angels:
Express gratitude to the angels once your session concludes. Remember, gratitude is the key to universal abundance, resonating even with celestial beings who appreciate acknowledgment.

Instruction Card 2:
This card provides a brief description of the benefits of meditating with the pocket angel cards before and after reading, enhancing your connection with angelic energies.

Pack Information:

52 cards, each a doorway to celestial wisdom.
Size of Cards:

Compact dimensions of 88 x 62mm.
About Diana Cooper:

Diana Cooper, a herald of angelic visitations, had her life transformed by an encounter with celestial beings. The angels tasked her with sharing their wisdom with the world, leading to her role as an international author of best-selling books, divination cards, and meditation CDs. As the principal of the Diana Cooper School of Angels and Ascension, she continues to illuminate minds globally with her teachings and travels, spreading angelic wisdom and higher illumination.