Blue Crab Porcelain Earrings
Blue Crab Porcelain Earrings

Blue Crab Porcelain Earrings

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  • These stunning crab earrings are made from porcelain and are hand painted, then coated in a ceramic glaze. 

    As for symbolism, the crab spirit animal brings your focus to your emotions, and how you should protect yourself when necessary. The crab symbolism encourages you to let your guard down for the right people, and not allow yourself to be washed over by emotions. This is actually very similar to the seal spirit animal.

    Each pair comes beautifully presented in a gift box.
    The Crab's themselves measure approximately 2.2cm/0.87inches in width x 2.2cm/0.87inches in height.

    PLEASE NOTE: Each pair are made from porcelain which is delicate and should be handled with care. It is not advisable for them to be worn when sleeping, bathing or exercising.