Blue Opal Elegance Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

Blue Opal Elegance Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

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  • This stunning, high quality pendant is made from solid 925 sterling silver made into the shape of a circle featuring a genuine blue opal stone.

  • Blue Peruvian opal generates soft and soothing energy to reduce tension and clear unnecessary thoughts from the mind. It eases communication and increases confidence. It also encourages ideas to flow more freely. Blue Peruvian opal meaning depicts its potency to decrease the effect of stress on mind, spirit, and body.

  • Perfect as a special lucky gift for someone you care about or to wear yourself as a means of expressing your individuality and identity. Comes ready in a Gift Box.

  • Measurements:

    Pendant - 2cm/0.79inches in Diameter
    Solid 925 Sterling Silver Chain length - 46cm/18".