Chakra Power Bracelet With Real Natural Gemstones

Chakra Power Bracelet With Real Natural Gemstones

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  • This stunning Power bracelet consists of natural crystal gemstones strung together on a double reinforced elastic thread which can then be worn on the wrist. The qualities of the particular crystal used can influence you as you go about your life.

  • By wearing the bracelet you are inviting the energy of the crystals into your life. It contains 7 different coloured real gemstones, each representing a different Chakra or station in the human's natural energy field or aura. They represent: the Crown (Spiritual), the Third Eye (Perception), the Throat (Expression), the Heart (Love), The Solar Plexus (Power), the Sacral (Sexuality) and the Root (Survival).

  • The polished Gemstones featured are Carnelian, Amethyst, Citrine, Quartz, Jadeite, Lapis Lazuli and Peach Selenite.

  • The bracelet comes ready in a velvet gift bag. All gemstones are natural and therefore each bracelet is completely unique to its wearer. The gemstones are approximately 2cm/0.78" x 1.5cm/0.59" and the bracelet is 20cm/7.87" in length, although it is on elastic so fits most wrists.