Feng Shui Toad Keyring Keychain

Feng Shui Toad Keyring Keychain

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  • This stunning high quality solid stainless steel keyring is plated in gold, it features a lucky feng shui toad with lucky chinese coins and encrusted in high quality crystals.

  • In Feng Shui, the toad is believed to bring positive energies, inviting wealth and prosperity into one's life. Crafted with precision and plated in luxurious gold, our pendant is not just a symbol of luck but also a statement of abundance and success. Whether worn for its profound symbolism, as a nod to your appreciation of Feng Shui principles, or simply as a stylish and lucky fashion accessory, this Lucky Feng Shui Toad Pendant Necklace adds a touch of opulence and fortune to your style, seamlessly blending the strength of stainless steel with the timeless allure of gold.

  • Perfect as a good luck gift or a personal lucky charm.

  • Comes ready in a Gift Bag.

  • Charm measures 5cm/1.97" x 5cm/1.97 and the key chain measures 5.5cm/2.17'' in overall length.