Lucky Black Obsidian Capricorn Birthstone Bracelet

Lucky Black Obsidian Capricorn Birthstone Bracelet

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  • This lucky Birthstone is believed to bring luck to people who have the Star sign of Capricorn (21st December – 19th January). Not only this but the Gemstone Black Obsidian is also believed to have protective powers and can block out or clear negative energy.

  • Gemstones have been thought as having magical properties relating to the signs of the Zodiac since right back to the times of early civilizations like those in India and Babylon. Over the centuries leading astrologers have assigned gemstones of certain colours and properties to the twelve signs of the zodiac to help people influence the planets in their favour and to bring them luck, love, health and fortune.

  • The beautiful polished gemstones vary in size however are around 1 cm in width and 1.3cm in length. The bracelet stretches to size but measures around 6cm in diameter at its smallest.
  • Each bracelet comes ready in a Gift Bag.