Lucky Real Starfish Black Healing Bracelet

Lucky Real Starfish Black Healing Bracelet

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  • This cool and unique bracelet contains a genuine real starfish!
  • The real starfish is encapsulated in quality hard resin on a black background on a adjustable black corded bracelet.

  • These beautiful creatures have died of natural causes before being encased in resin so you can clearly admire this creation of nature. Starfish have the ability to regenerate an arm, which helps them overcome some of their predators. Some of the vital organs are located in starfish arms as well, meaning that if an arm and part of the central disc are ripped off it is possible to grow an entire new starfish! Because of this amazing ability, starfish are also seen as a symbol of healing and regeneration.

  • This pendant is also completely adjustable in size at the back so will fit anybody. Resin part: 3.5cm length, 2.3cm height, 1.3cm Width, Bracelet Diameter: 4.5 - 8cm (adjustable). Comes Ready in a Gift Bag.