Pink Native American Dream Catcher
Pink Native American Dream Catcher

Pink Native American Dream Catcher

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  • If your tired of bad dreams and/or your children are suffering from them, why not try utilizing the power of the Native American Dream Catcher!
  • It is believed in Native American Culture that if you hang a Dream Catcher over or by your bed you will stop having bad dreams and have only good dreams instead.
  • The Ojibwa believe that a Dreamcatcher changes a person's dreams, that only good dreams are allowed to be filtered through the net of the Dream Catcher. Bad dreams will stay in the Dream Catcher's net and would disappear in daylight, while good dreams will pass through the net and slide down the feathers to the sleeper.
  • This beautiful and ornate Dream Catcher comes in an attractive pink colour with black/brown beads and fluffy white feathers with brown tips. The Dream Catcher is 34cm in length and 11.5cm in width and is perfect for any bedroom. Makes a particularly good gift for any child who may be having problems with nightmares or is scared of sleeping.
  • Get Some Luck in your Dreams and Buy one Today!