Sterling Silver Dai Ko Myo Reiki Spiritual Pendant Necklace

Sterling Silver Dai Ko Myo Reiki Spiritual Pendant Necklace

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  • Dimensions:

    Pendant Height: Approximately three-quarters of an inch from the topmost part of the Dai Ko Myo symbol (excluding the loop).
    Key Features:

    Material: Solid sterling silver
    Included: 18" Sterling Silver chain
    Presentation: Comes in an elegant presentation gift box
    Embrace the essence of Reiki with our Reiki Dai Ko Myo Symbol Pendant. Crafted from solid sterling silver, this pendant features the powerful Dai Ko Myo symbol, known as the master symbol in Reiki. The Dai Ko Myo symbol is a contemporary yet equally potent version, slightly stylized to enhance its visual appeal.

  • Symbolism:
    The Dai Ko Myo symbol translates to "Great Being of the universe shine on me" or "great shining light," representing the very core of Reiki. It is utilized in initiations to harmonize individuals with the energy of Reiki, offering enlightenment, protection, and a connection to the essence of the soul. Wearing this symbol serves as a constant reminder to draw light energy into our lives, promoting harmony and guidance.

  • Reiki Healing:
    Reiki, a gentle energetic and spiritual healing therapy, combines "Rei" (meaning "unseen" or "spiritual") with "Ki" (meaning "energy" or "life force"). Developed by Mikao Usui in Japan, Reiki channels universal life energy through the hands to the recipient, promoting healing without depleting the giver's energy. The Dai Ko Myo symbol plays a pivotal role in attunements, aligning individuals with the universal energy for optimal well-being.

  • Versatility:
    Whether used in treatments, worn as a pendant, or kept in mind during daily activities, the Reiki Dai Ko Myo Symbol Pendant serves as a conduit for positive energy and a reminder to stay connected to the highest good and guidance.

    Elevate your spiritual journey with this beautifully crafted pendant, complete with an 18" sterling silver chain and presented in a stylish gift box. Embrace the power of Reiki and the harmonizing energy of the Dai Ko Myo symbol in this exquisite piece.